The Eagle’s Nest or Kehlsteinhaus in Berchtesgaden

Built in 1937 by the NSDAP as a representative building, it is now a Berg-Gasthaus that is located 1820m above sea level. It is on the mountain Kehlstein which is 1834 m high. That’s why the name “Kehlsteinhaus“. It belongs to Berchtesgaden in the Berchtesgadener Alps.


Some History
It was the most expensive project in the 1930s and was finished only after 13 months and it as a gift for Adolf Hitler to his 50th birthday on April 20, 1939. Adolf Hitler was not a frequently guest, he visited it only about 10 times because the trip up to the house was time consuming and risky.
Other names for that residence were Teehaus (tea house), D-Haus (Diplomat house) or T-Haus (House T). A French diplomat added another nick name: Eagle’s House, in German Adlerhorst.


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