Hangman’s Bridge Nuremberg

henkersteg nurembergThe Hangman’s Bridge (Henkersteg) is a special
bridge in the historic German city of Nuremberg (Nuernberg) and was constructed in 1457 as a wooden bridge. Between the 16th and the 19th century, every city used to have their hang man, and the one from Nuremberg lived in the tower and the roofed walk above the German river Pegnitz. After the flood of 1595, three arches of the town wall bridging the southern arm of the river Pegnitz were demolished and replaced by the wooden Hangman’s Bridge with its tiled roof (reconstructed in 1954).

Hangman Bridge, Nuremberg, Bavaria, 1890s

The executioner had to live in segregated accommodation within the city, since his trade was considered “dishonest”. Up until the Age of Enlightenment, citizens avoided any physical contact with the hangman, in order not to be excluded from the Christian community. Find more information about Nuremberg at www.nuernberg.de
hangman bridge henkersteg nuremberg


One thought on “Hangman’s Bridge Nuremberg

  1. A friend of mine lives in Nuremberg and I already had the honor to visit her there for two times. Not only the Hangman’s Bridge, but also the Lorenz Church and the Emperor’s Castle are always worth a trip. Not as touristic as Rothenburg and with a great medieval flair. Just one recommendation for you out there: Get your luggage, book a hotel on expedia or http://www.trivago.com or any other of this sites, get a flight and enjoy it. And – of course – the rest of Germany.

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