Pippi Longstocking Memories

pippi longstockings

Pippi Langstrumpf or Pippi Longstockings was the friend of many German boys and girls (probably more girls) and it was 1949 when the book of Astrid Lindgren was published the first time in Germany. The naughty but brave 9-year old girl named “Pippilotta Viktualia Rollgardina Pfefferminz Efraimstochter Langstrumpf” was the hero, the idol of many children and indeed her stories were different than all other children’s books.
Pippi was just awesome@ She lived in her own villa, the Villa Kunterbunt, she climbed on trees, gad her own horse “kleiner Onkel” and a monkey named Herr Nilsson. She ran through the house when she liked to, she ate what she wanted and her ideas were the most amazing ideas to her friends Annika and Tommy.
I loved the films. It was fun to watch and really funny! Especially when the adults did not understand the meaning…

Pippi showed the children that her dreams are real, that they can become reality and that they should not be afraid. That was not beloved by everyone. The education department in Basel, Switzerland, did not allow that Pippi Langstrumpfs stories should be told on Swiss territory. They

said that it is too original… what is wrong with being original? Because Pippi cooked strong coffee, smashed the cups on the ground and lied whenever she thought it would be ok?

Whatever they said they could not stop that the book was sold in 57 languages and 7.5 Million copies in German. Pippi lives forever.

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