Swabian Alemannic Fasnacht

Swabia is the region for the “Narrenzünfte” ( in English Narr means “Fool” but it would be wrong to use it; Zunft means “guild”, so let’s call it Fasnacht guild). Almost every village and city has its own Narrenzunft in the region of the South-West to the Northern part of Switzerland. Every member of a Narrenzunft has its own costume and mask that is called “Larve”. They are made out of wood, fabric, ceramic or wire. Every costume is  hand made and shows the specific theme of the Narrenzunft.

The photo below shows a Narrenzunft from the city Ringsheim in the Black Forest with the name Rämässer.

swabian alemannic fasnacht

Narrenzunft Rämässer Ringsheim

Ringsheim is at the border of the middle part of the Black Forest. The guild had been founded in 1954 and has different members and they have their own musioc band which is called a “Spielmannszug”.
Narrenzunft Rämässer Ringsheim e.V.
77975 Ringsheim


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