Burg Steinsberg

Burg Steinsberg is a castle from the middle ages and is located near Sinsheim in the Rhein-Neckar region in Baden-Württemberg. It is on a 333  meter high hill that was a former vulcano; the Sothern side is planted with wine and because the castle is situated on that hill you can see it  from far. The castle was mentioned the first time in the year 1109 with the name Eberhard von Steinsberg and it was probably a Roman strategic place.
Next to the castle is a restaurant like you find on the country side all over Germany; it is a Gasthaus that serves local delicious German home made food. Read more… (only in German)

burg steinsberg


2 thoughts on “Burg Steinsberg

  1. I’ve been here a couple of times. Burg Steinsberg is one of my favorite little burgs. It is next to Ittlingen, where my Pennsylvania Dutch ancestors immigrated from in 1732.

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