Kloster Maria Bildhausen

Kloster (Abbey) Maria Bildhausen is located near Münnerstadt in Bavaria. It is placed in a picturesque landscape at the Eastern part of the mountain range “Rhoen“. This abbey has quite some history. It is dedicated to the holy Maria of the Cistercian order which was founded in the year 1156 by Hermann von Stahleck who was the count palatine. It was his gift.In 1158 the monks of Kloster Embrach moved in and it expanded during the future centuries and received many donations and acquisitions. During the peasants war the abbey got plundered and devastated. The final 30-year war destroyed the restorations completely.
During the 17. and 18. century it got restored and nowadays you can see an abbey that looks like the one from 12th century. More info here www.bildhausen.de

kloster maria bildhausen germany


One thought on “Kloster Maria Bildhausen

  1. Greetings from Australia,
    It looks very beautiful; I love the monasteries, churches and cathedrals of Bavaria. They have a beautiful aura of reverence, solemnity and dignity about them. Architecturally, this Kloster is simple but elegant and blends beautifully into the landscape.
    God bless

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