Lake Dwellings Lake of Constance

lake dwelling lake of Constance
The Lake Dwellings (Pfahlbauten) of the Stone and Bronze Age (4.000 to 850 BC) are reawakening at Lake of Constance (Bodensee) in Unteruhldingen, Germany, are a popular tourist attraction and if you want to see something special, you must visit this place. They constructed a village according to the excavation results at the Lake Dwellings in Konstanz and Unteruhldingen at Lake of Constance, and at the Federsee (lake) at Bad Buchau (1050-850 BC). Visiting this place means going back in time into the stone age. It is amazing!
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lake dwellings lake of constance


4 thoughts on “Lake Dwellings Lake of Constance

  1. They are not in Konstanz. You would have to take the ferry to Meersburg and then proceed with the car to Unteruhldingen. Or take a trip with the “white fleet”, the Bodenseeschiffahrtsgesellschaft. They stop at the Unteruhldingen landing. But there is always a next time…

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